donald trump (poussin_rouge) wrote in rad_rejects,
donald trump

Meet Your Mod

i figured you guys might wanna get to know your mod =)

name Emma Ariella B.
age 15 ...
location Wedd, NC
sex F
status single since january

top 5 bands Alkaline Trio, Her Space Holiday, Modest Mouse, Jet, Dave Matthews
top 5 songs

1. "Yeah" Usher

2. "Japanese Gum" HSH

3. "Trailor Trash" MM

4. "Proudest Monkey" DMB

5. "Sorry About That" Alkaline Trio
favorite lyrics "Don't let your silly dreams fall between the crack of the bed and the wall" My Morning Jacket
top 5 books Go Ask Alice, Running With Scissors, Memoirs of a Geisha, Goodnight Moon, Harry Potter
top 5 movies LOTR, SLC Punk, Donnie Darko, Edward Scissorhands, Finding Nemo

-what community were you rejected from? all i applied to but vintage_hots
-did you reapply to it? nope
-will you cry if you get rejected from the rejection community? a mod ^-^

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