number 1 in the hood, Gee. (p1nknecktie) wrote in rad_rejects,
number 1 in the hood, Gee.


name kaycee
age 19
location montana {yeehaw}
sex female
status un-single

top 5 bands afi. lacuna coil. the dandy warhols. the mars volta. rivulets.
top 5 songs oh jeez. um. totalimmortal {afi}; this time imperfect {afi}; bliss tearing eyes {dead poetic}; the fight song {manson}; superman {five of fighting}
favorite lyrics "i cannot leave here, i cannot stay. forever haunted, more than afraid. asphyxiate on words i must say. i'm drawn to a blackened sky as i turn blue. there are no flowers, no, not this time. there'll be no angels gracing the lines. just these stock words i find. i'd show a smile but i'm too weak. i'd share with you could i only speak, just how much this hurts me." {this time imperfect}
top 5 books smack by melvin burgess; angus, thongs and full frontal snogging by louise rennison; eaters of the dead by michael crichton; the uncanny by andrew klaven; better to burn out: the cult of death in rock and roll by dave thompson
top 5 movies party monster. igby goes down. the long kiss goodnight. waking life. don juan demarco

-what community were you rejected from so_scene_it_hurts. unfortunately for me, it wasnt a joke
-did you reapply to it god, no
-will you cry if you get rejected from the rejection community? hahahaha


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you are the most unfairly judged person if you were rejected from any community.

i love how you listen to bands ive never heard of and your taste in books.

yes times 5.

as a matter of fact, youre the first to be automatically accepted.
oh goodness. thank you! :D *feels special*

Deleted comment

why thank you!
and btw, your icon. scarlet johanson! <33333
*thinks thats how its spelled*
1. you are from monatana which is TOO FUCKING COOL.
2. You are beautiful. Lips. Eyes. I love it.
3. Don Juan Demarco rocks.
(-1... the runny eyeliner. your eyes are so beautiful to begin with!)

you are too cool for school

p.s. You inspired me to pull out my AFI cd. That I never realized how much I missed till I saw your "This Time Imperfect" lyric.


hehe but of course. we must never neglect our afi <33
all i have to say is...

the mars volta?


you rule.
x_out_rating a new anti-rating community. it's a place against rating communities that discriinate against people's beliefs, likes and opinions. you sound like you might bw like that.