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Reject here..

name Jenna
age 14
location Alabama
sex girl
status Single as always...::sigh::

top 5 bands Deftones | Atreyu | Evergreen Terrace | Thursday | Otep
top 5 songs Atreyu - Lip Gloss and Black | Evergreen Terrace - Zero | Thursday - Jet Black New Year | Story Of the Year - And The Hero Will Drown | Otep - My Confession
favorite lyrics "I guess it's too bad that everything we have is taken away" Story Of The Year
top 5 books Crosses | Cut | Smack | Go As Alice | Roses Are Red
top 5 movies A Walk To Remember | Gone In 60 Seconds | How To Deal | Resident Evil | The Fast and the Furious

-what community were you rejected from cute_as_hell
-did you reapply to it No I was too skurred lol
-will you cry if you get rejected from the rejection community? Yes. But I won't admit it. Merher..

 I'm the one holding the banana..ehem..

 Kinda blurry..

 looking emo..

 i look so perky..



_the end

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Althought i hate all your movies (besides resident evil), i say yes because
i like your face.
although* rather
i dont like your movies either. but thats okay. we dont grade on movies.

so i say YES
FINALLY people who aren't immature little fucks who say no to people because they don't like the same things as them
mucho gracias
x_out_rating a new anti-rating community. it's a place against rating communities that discriinate against people's beliefs, likes and opinions. you sound like you might bw like that.

Deleted comment

everybody loves the banana
freaking Otep?! and Smack is the best book ever
i've always loved the name jenna for some reason.
you're purdy

thankyou thankyou
and..is the otep thing good or bad? lol
oh its very good believe me. hehe
yeah i heart otep
my whole layout for my other journal (fatally___y0urs) is otep stuff..lol