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Reject here..

name Jenna
age 14
location Alabama
sex girl
status Single as always...::sigh::

top 5 bands Deftones | Atreyu | Evergreen Terrace | Thursday | Otep
top 5 songs Atreyu - Lip Gloss and Black | Evergreen Terrace - Zero | Thursday - Jet Black New Year | Story Of the Year - And The Hero Will Drown | Otep - My Confession
favorite lyrics "I guess it's too bad that everything we have is taken away" Story Of The Year
top 5 books Crosses | Cut | Smack | Go As Alice | Roses Are Red
top 5 movies A Walk To Remember | Gone In 60 Seconds | How To Deal | Resident Evil | The Fast and the Furious

-what community were you rejected from cute_as_hell
-did you reapply to it No I was too skurred lol
-will you cry if you get rejected from the rejection community? Yes. But I won't admit it. Merher..

 I'm the one holding the banana..ehem..

 Kinda blurry..

 looking emo..

 i look so perky..



_the end

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