Red (scar_named_drew) wrote in rad_rejects,

new <3



name: Virginia
age: almost twenty
location:Huntington, WV
sex: proud owner of a vagina
status: misery wears me like a suit
top 5 bands: Catch 22, Thursday, Something Corporate, SOTY, Our Lady Peace
top 5 songs:Conaquence of laughing-OLP, Point the Blame-Catch 22, Until the day i die-SOTY, Good News- Something Corporate, Chemical-Start Trouble
favorite lyrics: Love is a chemical, straght from the genitals-Start Trouble
top 5 books: Perks of being a wallflower, Fight Club, Girl Interupted, silence of the lambs (much better then the movie), Sunshine and Shadows
top 5 movies: Fight Club, Clockwork Orange, RHPS, Carrie, Revenge of the Nerds (yea i know..geek)

-what community were you rejected from i can't remember the name of it
did you reapply to it: no, and i don't plan to
-will you cry if you get rejected from the rejection community?
yes..a lot...and it will look like this:

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