...forget my name, for i am nothing... (burning_luck237) wrote in rad_rejects,
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name - keri.
age - seventeen.
location - jersey.
sex - female.
status - single..?

top 5 bands - fata. atreyu. incubus. brandnew. jimi hendrix.
top 5 songs - fata[reflections]. atreyu[atleast i know i'm a sinner]. incubus[favorite things]. brandnew[seventy x 7]. jimi hendrix[fire].
favorite lyrics - "if three words could heal you, i would only speak two." - fata[cherry kiss].
top 5 books - choke. breakfast of champions. catcher in the rye. the shining. perks of being a wallflower.
top 5 movies - [original] tcm 1 and 2. dumb and dumber. animal house. tombstone. the first tmnt.

what community were you rejected from - we own you.
did you reapply to it - no.
will you cry if you get rejected from the rejection community? - only on the inside. but not really



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