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name  alison
age  14
location  nashua
sex  female
status  single

top 5 bands  static lullaby , atreyu, from autum to ashes, R.C.T, the used.

top 5 songs  the taste of ink, box full of sharp objects, the shooting star the destroyed us all, lip gloss and let down, fist full of quarters

favorite lyrics -is it worth it can you even hear me, standing with your spotlight on me, not enough to feed the hungery, I'm tired and I felt it for a while now......the used   the taste of ink.

top 5 books  hannible, the reptile room, the wide window, the outsiders, the bad begining.

top 5 movies  the butterfly effect, the red dragon, silence of the lambs, hannible, 13.

-what community were you rejected from  vanity sluts...and this other one about pirates...
-did you reapply to it  yes

-will you cry if you get rejected from the rejection community?....maybe...if no then I would feel horrible..


me on the city bus......(how gay)..

pshh..i'm cool...not


yeah.....there ya go...


hopefully this will be the one community I am accepted in...



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